Art et Création organizes special vacation weeks.

Carnet de voyage

The carnet package combines walking and sketching your journey. In one week you explore the landscape of the Gorges d'Allier, a beautiful walking area offering an overwhelming experience of nature, beautiful scenery and small, spectacular villages.

Cooking with Ahmed
A culinary week in which Ahmed is keen to share his passion for cooking with his students and encourage the art of making good food.

The Gorges d'Allier is a beautiful hiking area in the Massif Central, a gorge with eroded rock walls, beautiful views and small villages with a rich historical heritage. From Saint Berain you can walk directly into nature, and during several walks you will discover the beauty of this still unknown part of France.

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Carnet de Voyage: 22-09-2018 to 29-09-2018 There are still some places left