The experience of creating your own sculpture

Stone sculpture is a fascinating and inspiring process. Seeing the creation of a sculpture from rough stone is a wonderful experience. Alabaster and French limestone are relatively easy stones to manipulate. Black lava and marble are also available, although these stones are more suitable for students with sculpting experience. During the course you will learn different aspects of sculpting. Besides the various techniques of working with stone, the development of your own aims and perceptions is our main concern.You learn to handle materials and tools. Extensive attention is paid to volumes, harmony and composition.


Tools and stones: limestone, alabaster, marble and Volvic

Sketching and drawing materials, a sculpting set (flat chisel, roundel, pointed chisel and toothed chisel ) graters set, table and protection materials are included in the course. Alabaster: transparent and soft, with approximately the same composition as marble, but easier to work, transparency varies from translucent to nearly opaque. With rasps and sandpaper alabaster can be finished very finely. Limestone: a finegrained, soft to mediumhard stone which lends itself well to more

abstract work. In both limestone and alabaster you learn all the sculpting techniques. In Saint Bérain you work with French limestone from Provence or Spanish alabaster in shades of white, brown or black. For advanced participants, there is the possibility of working in black lava (Pierre de Volvic) or marble from Saint Nazaire (Languedoc). It is red in colour and a beautiful stone to work. Because sculpture in marble requires a lot of time, it can only be offered to students who make a

reservation for two weeks of course work in marble.

Stones are available in Saint Berain.

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Paint the fall: 13-10-2018 to 20-10-2018 There are still some places left
Paint the fall: 20-10-2018 to 27-10-2018 There are still some places left