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Daily schedule

Inspiring holidays

Painting, sculpting or a week of urban Sketching at Art et Création means being inspired by the beautiful surroundings in and around Saint Bérain. Appreciate the silence and tranquility, expert teaching and personal guidance. In a group of no more than 8 people, we guide you for a week in the fascinating field of painting, drawing or sculpture.

Painting course

Outdoor painting on an individual level

It is wonderful to paint in and around Saint Bérain.

Sculpting course

Sculpting in alabaster

Stone sculpture is a fascinating and inspiring process.

Urban Sketching

Working out Urban Sketching at home

The Haute Loire is a hiking paradise.


Jaap your Teacher Ahmed, your cook

Jaap your Teacher

The course is given by Jaap van der Wal. He is an artist and was educated at the Royal Academy in The Hague. He graduated in 1993. His own work includes drawings, paintings and sculptures. Jaap regularly exhibits in France and the Netherlands. He encourages his students in Saint Bérain especially to create their own signature and style. The different techniques that he uses are primarily intended to support the visual process.

Ahmed's look

Ahmed, with his warm and creative personality in the kitchen, brings you an outside perspective. He likes to exchange his impressions about your work, about your experience gained during the cours, and remains a discussion partner throughout the week.

Curious about jaap's own work visit his website ;

Daily schedule

A terrace around the house, beautiful view of the Gorges de l'Allier

In the morning you follow the courses from 9:00 to 13:00 hours. After lunch, there is the possiblity to continue working indepently. Even though you then are without guidance, the studio is always open. There is a daily work meeting at the beginning of the evening, wich provides a relaxed oppotunity for friendly dicussion, with Jaap providing individual and collective feedback. Friday we organize a final presentation of the works made during the week of the course.