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Electric Bicycles

Cycling with electric assistance

Would you like to explore the Saint Berain area by bicycle? You can rent an electric bicycle from us for a day (or several days). Discover the surroundings by bike. The electrical support provides that little push in the back and makes it a lot easier to cycle in the area. Our bicycles have a maximum autonomy of 80 km. We always rent the bicycle with a helmet, bicycle bag and a handlebar bag for your mobile phone. From our house you will immediately reach the route de Tour and there are several beautiful cycling trips in the area. Our bikes are from the Scott brand and have disc brakes and gears.

You can reserve your bicycles at the same time as your room. As an option the costs are

€ 20 per bicycle per day.

Bicycle without forcing and enjoy the beautiful scenery

Rental of E bikes
Rental of E bikes
Route de Tour