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News from Saint Bérain

During our visit to the Netherlands, we visited a Dutch mill. Mill de Ruiter in Vreeland.

This mill is run by volunteers, one of these volunteers is Karen a guest who regularly comes to sculpt with us in Saint Bérain. We had the idea to meet her other hobby miller!

On a cold Saturday afternoon, we were given extensive tours of an old wind mill that has been converted into a grist mill. Incredibly interesting and impressive to see how a mill functions. Nice to meet the all the other millers who keep this heritage running. You can visit the small store in the mill every Saturday to buy flour. We fell head over heels, during our visit we could taste the first speculoos cake still warm from the oven.

The mill is beautifully situated on the Vecht River and can be visited every Saturday.

Mill de Ruiter Nigtevechtseweg 24, 3633 XT Vreeland. www.korenmolenderuiter.nl

The first snow

This weekend, the first snow fell in Saint Bérain. Our house is at an altitude of 1000 meters, and at this altitude we have snow every winter. The first snow always gives a magical feeling. Nature is coming to a halt and it is time to walk in the snow and read a book by the wood stove. Our Department is on average the highest department in France and also the one with the most snow days. While the highest mountain is only 1700 meters high.

Autumn and early winter is the season for us to look for mushrooms. Our department is known for its forests full of edible mushrooms such as chanterelles, boletes and trompette de la mort. For us, a feast to wander for hours in the woods in search of all this deliciousness. By now we have our favorites spots for picking every year. Upon returning home, clean first and then dry. Ahmed regularly uses our “mushroom harvest” in his dishes.

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