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Everyday Canvas Scape

Everyday Canvas Scape! As a landscape painter in 2024, I challenged myself to create a new painting every day, capturing the nuances of light, color, texture and seasonal changes. This project, which I share through my Instagram account @everydaycanvasscape, offers a glimpse into my daily artistic development. Each work is uniform in size 32 cm. X 24 cm. One Canvas a Day, One Year Long: At the heart of Everyday Canvas Scape is the commitment to produce a new painting every day. For 366 days, I capture not only the different landscapes, but also the various emotions and experiences I undergo during this process. The uniformity in the format of the canvases gives the project a cohesive aesthetic.Each day has its own story, influenced by the seasonal changes, moods and inspirations I encounter. Whether it is the vibrant colors of spring, the warm tones of summer, the rich hues of autumn or the cool atmosphere of winter, my Everyday Canvas Scape documents the evolution of nature throughout the year.

Curious about the progress of my painting project? Visit and follow my Instagram account @everydaycanvasscape

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Creative Courses in the Auvergne at Art et Creation

The new year has begun, in beautiful Auvergne, near the Gorges D'Allier. Artist Jaap van der Wal invites you to join our sculpting and painting courses amid the natural beauty of France

Creative Explorations: Sculpture

Our sculpture courses offer a unique opportunity to work hands-on with a variety of materials and techniques. Whether you're a beginner curious about the art of sculpture or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, our courses are tailored for all levels.

Color Splendor Painting Courses

Step into the world of colors and paint during our painting courses. Under the guidance of experienced artists, you will learn how to express your creativity on canvas. Whether you like abstract expression or prefer to paint realistic scenes. Under Jaap's guidance you will learn the basics or refine your skills, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Auvergne.

We cordially invite you to join our courses and discover your creative side. Enjoy the hospitality of Art et Creation, where Jaap van der Wal guides you through the art world and Ahmed provides delicious meals. For more information feel free to contact us for bookings reservations through the website. Make your stay in Auvergne an unforgettable artistic experience!

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The new course season at Art et Creation is just around the corner

And we can't wait to get started ! We will begin our painting and sculpture course on Saturday, April 22, and we still have places available for this week. What makes this course unique is that we offer you a personalized approach to your creative process. Jaap van der Wal will guide and support you in developing your creative skills. And while you get inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Auvergne, Ahmed takes care of the culinary part and offers you a delicious culinary experience.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, this course is suitable for anyone looking for an inspiring and creative experience. Together with a group of like-minded students, you will be challenged to push your limits and discover new artistic possibilities. We cordially invite you to join this course and enjoy the silence and tranquility of Auvergne while developing your creativity. Reserve your spot for this experience.

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Early Bird discount on our 2023 courses

This year, we are offering an Early Bird discount on our 2023 courses Book your course week before December 31, 2022 and receive a discount of € 100,- per person on the course price. During the reservation you pay a deposit of 30% of the course price and 2 weeks before the start of the course week you pay the balance of the course price.

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